This site presents passages from the Gospel according to Luke. The selections and commentary are not meant to be a complete representation of Jesus' teachings. Instead, this site highlights important sections that will hopefully allow us to lead more compassionate, charitable, and forgiving lives in the spirit of his words.

Why Luke?

The Gospel According to Luke followed the Life of Jesus from the very beginning. Even before he was born, the significance of his life, and death, was undeniable even in the events which preceded his own birth. Luke emphasized this point by including the details of Jesus' birth. Luke also focused on the importance of love, peace and forgiveness. Understanding that Jesus was a gift from God, and that this gift included a message of good will toward all men, is an integral part in focusing on this portion of the New Testament.

Finding a Path...

Reviewing the works and teachings of Jesus is much the same as traveling a path through the woods. What one sees or hears, another may miss. The journey is almost never the same. How the path is is traveled is as important as reaching the final destination. Some seek happiness, some seek comfort, and some seek enlightenment; but whatever is pursued can be found along the path as well as at its conclusion. All of these things - happiness, comfort, enlightenment - are not simply destinations, they are paths in themselves. May your travels on these paths be blessed.

Passages on this site refer to the King James Version of the Holy Bible