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Detached Lives: Judgments is a new Science Fiction/Fantasy novel written by Jeff Inlo. A portion of the book is available for free download on this site. These files are all DRM-Free. The full book can be purchased from Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, Apple, Kobo and Amazon for only $.99.

For more information about the book, you can review the short summary that follows this introduction. You may also sample the first two chapters for free before purchasing the complete book.

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An uninvited stranger arrives at the home of Clayton Troblan—an introverted accountant—and announces he is from another world. Believing his guest to be nothing more than a bewildered individual in need of help, Clay follows the man out of his house. Through the mysterious and instantaneous creation of a space-altering bridge, the accountant exits his world with a single step. He unexpectedly ends up on Drenna, a world with a powerful energy field where metals cannot exist in a pure state. Questioning his surroundings as a possible illusion, Clay struggles to find a sense of reality on a perplexing world filled with tension and mistrust.

Unable to determine how he arrived on Drenna, Clay must follow the directions of his escort. The world around him is unlike anything he has ever seen. The absence of usable metals hinders the progress of  invention and technology. Pressured into presiding over a critical dispute, he becomes entangled in the affairs of a feudal-like civilization. His verdict temporarily prevents conflict between two tribes, but he discovers he is unable to return to his home.

Stranded on Drenna, Clay searches for every shred of evidence which might offer an answer to his apparent captivity. Unraveling the mystery becomes his obsession, and Clay battles confrontation and mistrust among people fixated on strife. Only by examining the underlying connections which allowed him to journey to Drenna can Clay discover his destiny.

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Author's Note:

I have labeled Detached Lives: Judgments as a Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel. I had a difficult time categorizing this book. There's not much of a fantasy aspect to it—no magic, and no mythical creatures or races such as elves—but it does place the main character in somewhat of a medieval environment. I am also hesitant to consider it Science Fiction since there's not a great deal of science involved. It doesn't deal with time travel, but again, the main character must contend with aspects of a pre-industrial civilization. For those readers who have certain expectations regarding either category, I hope you will forgive any deficiencies if this particular stories does not meet those requirements.

As I have done with some of my other ebooks, Detached Lives: Judgments will be available through on-line retailers such as Barnes and Noble, the Apple iTunes Store,, Google Play and Smashwords. The slight charge of $.99 should give me an idea regarding the reception of the story and whether it deserves additional attention in the future

I've tried to make the sample chapters and the full ebook of Detached Lives available in as many DRM free formats as possible. With so many new devices and software applications used for reading eBooks, it's difficult to ensure that all the formats work as they should. If you have any trouble with any of the formats, please contact me. I will do my best to fix the problem.

If you do enjoy Detached Lives, please let me know. I appreciate hearing from those who take an interest in my work. Thank you for your time. I know there are countless eBook offers out there. I am grateful you have made the effort to review this site.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

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