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Delver Magic Book VIII

Spirit Past is the eighth novel in a fantasy series written by Jeff Inlo and follows Altered Messages. A portion of the book is available for download for free on this site. These files are all DRM-Free. The full book can be purchased from Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, Apple, Kobo and Amazon for only $.99.

For more information about the book, you can review the short summary that follows this introduction. You may also sample several chapters for free before purchasing the complete book.

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Spirit Past

As trials of the past echo through the dismal lands of Demonspawn, a menacing horror finally lurches beyond the curtains of that violent realm. Seemingly unconnected events merge into a pit of desolation, creating an opportunity for the malignance of hate to break its containment. The spread of magic, which has allowed for both miracles and tragedies, forges a path toward other existences and allows the ultimate evil to reach across ageless barriers.

Reiculf, the daokiln and ruler of Demonspawn, lusts for chaos and destruction, but the beast had always been barred from leaving his domain. Restricted to the realm of demons, his hate and rage could only pass into other existences through the malicious acts of those who embrace the heart of evil. The full fury of Reiculf's magical energy had remained locked within the veils of his sanctuary, but once a key enters his realm, the demon lord breaks free to spread fire, pestilence, and death throughout Uton.

Manipulations of magic allow the beast to force his energy into unwilling hosts. Insisting upon their obedience, Reiculf mixes the essence of his power with the magical cores of certain spell casters. The only limits placed upon his influence are the capabilities of his hosts, and the daokiln moves cunningly to overcome any obstacle which confines his ability to generate pain and destruction.

The guardians of Uton quickly learn of the monster's incursions into their land. Ryson Acumen struggles to comprehend the workings of demon magic as the delver joins with both friends and adversaries to battle the encroaching evil. The elves of Dark Spruce Forest face the initial brunt of Reiculf's fury, but the daokiln quickly turns his rage upon the human towns of Burbon and Connel. Demons follow the will of their master, and calamity spreads through the gray curtains of Demonspawn. Ryson and his allies fight against every imaginable horror as the full wrath of wickedness is unleashed against their homeland.

The battle rages from the forest to the city and even back into the dark lands. The path to a final conflict is lined with both misfortune and treachery. Trust among those who battle the daokiln frays to a point of distraction, and despite initial victories, each conflict brings greater chaos to the ever expanding battlefield. Misery deepens as the vicious attacks grow darker, but just as a key arrived in Demonspawn to set the demon lord free, a beacon of hope arrives in Uton to guide the delver to a greater understanding of his own existence. As he unveils the darker secrets of his foe, Ryson must look beyond the shadows of evil to find a way to defeat Reiculf and to save his family and friends.

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Author's Note:

Spirit Past is the eighth book in the Delver Magic series. The first three books of series are available for free. Please use the links above for more information on how to obtain books 1-3. I would recommend reading the series in order. While all the Delver Magic Books are complete novels with clear endings and no cliffhangers, the books draw on common events and characters throughout the series.

As I have done with books 4 through 7, Spirit Past will be available through on-line retailers such as Barnes and Noble, the Apple iTunes Store,, Google Play and Smashwords. The slight charge of $.99 should continue to give me an idea regarding the true popularity of the series

I've tried to make the sample chapters and the full ebook of Spirit Past available in as many DRM free formats as possible. With so many new devices and software applications used for reading eBooks, it's difficult to ensure that all the formats work as they should. If you have any trouble with any of the formats, please contact me. I will do my best to fix the problem.

If you do enjoy Delver Magic, please let me know. I appreciate hearing from those who take an interest in my work. Thank you for your time. I know there are countless eBook offers out there. I am grateful you have made the effort to review this site.

If you have any questions, please contact me.