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Delver Magic Book XIV

Conflict of Purpose is the Fourrteenth novel in a fantasy series written by Jeff Inlo and follows Concealed by Deceit. The first four chapters of the book are available for download for free on this site. These files are all DRM-Free. The full book can be purchased from Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, Apple, Kobo and Amazon for only $.99.

For more information about the book, you can review the short summary that follows this introduction. You may also sample several chapters for free before purchasing the complete book.

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Conflict of Purpose

The Sword of Decree presents a mystery and a challenge. In Ryson Acumen's possession, the blade had revealed a new enchantment, a powerful capacity to provide insight to its holder. Though the weapon had offered guidance in the past, it did not expose every secret or propose direction for each conflict. If anything, its previous offerings remained unpredictable and seemingly random in relation to the trials faced by the delver.

Ryson maintained his stewardship over the weapon despite its history. He suppressed his natural curiosity over the blade even as it represented one of the most puzzling artifacts in all of Uton. He listened to the blade's insight with absolute sincerity, but his indulgence of the weapon as an unsolved mystery ends when the Sword of Decree offers three visions which could devastate his life.

Realizing he needs to prevent several potential disasters, Ryson begins his quest to learn more about the sword's origin and the power of its enchantment. He requests aid from two powerful magic casters as well as he wife, Linda, who is immune to the energy. His search for answers leads the delver and his companions to the elf camp in Dark Spruce Forest as well as the underground dwarf city of Dunop.

As Ryson continues to explore every option to prevent the visions from becoming reality, he is followed by an old adversary. The delver is unaware that magic is being utilized against him. Worse, a deadly creature from the dark realm has gained access to Uton and threatens to inflict plague across the land.

Struggling against old foes and new enemies, Ryson begins to understand the importance of the sword and its significance to his beliefs. Even as he battles to prevent one catastrophe after another, he finally faces a far more personal struggle. The delver must accept a higher purpose even if it means he must lose the one person he cherishes the most.

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Author's Note:

With fourteen books in the Delver Magic series, there's a great deal of back history for the characters involved. Conflict of Purpose starts at exactly the same point in which book thirteen ends. In fact, the first few paragraphs of the prologue are identical to the ending parapgraphs of book 13's epilogue.I believe Conflict of Purpose has been developed sufficiently to allow for it to be read on its own, but I also believe it will have greater impact if it is read after completing the other novels in the series. The first three books of the series are available for free. Please use the links above for more information on how to obtain all of the previous Delver Magic titles.

As I have done with books 4 through 13, Conflict of Purpose will be available through on-line retailers such as Barnes and Noble, the Apple iTunes store, Kobo,, Google Play and Smashwords. Free ebooks are often downloaded but not always read. The slight charge of $.99 should continue to give me an idea regarding the popularity of the series and whether or not I am maintaining the interest of readers

I've tried to make the sample chapters and the full ebook of Conflict of Puprose available in as many DRM free formats as possible. With so many new devices and software applications used for reading eBooks, it's difficult to ensure that every format works as it should. If you have any trouble with any of the formats, please contact me. I will do my best to fix the problem.

If you do enjoy Delver Magic, please let me know. I appreciate hearing from those who take an interest in my work. Thank you for your time. I know there are countless eBook offers out there. I am grateful you have made the effort to review this site.

If you have any questions, please contact me.