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Delver Magic Book I: Sanctum's Breach is the first novel in a fantasy series written by Jeff Inlo. It is available by download for free on this site.

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Delver Magic - Book I:
Sanctum's Breach                      

A rolling tremor passes through the land of Uton signaling a return of long absent magic as well as an ancient evil that accompanies it. Ryson Acumen, purebred delver, senses the changes throughout the land. In his investigations, he learns that legends he considered fables hold more truth than fantasy. The delver encounters elves and learns the Sphere of Ingar, a talisman that captured all magical energies long ago, is free from its tomb in Sanctum Mountain. As violent, evil creatures return to shred the very fabric of reality, the sphere gains awareness and chooses to spew corrupted magical energies to obliterate all life.

The sphere must be destroyed, but it rests within Sanctum, a hollow mountain with a single path to its center. The way to the sphere remains defended by devices created long ago, forged by members of each race to thwart entry to the mountain's core. Those that wish to defeat the sphere must not only overcome these barriers, they must conquer the mistrust which has flourished during the long period of separation. Human, elf, dwarf, algor and delver must reunite to defeat the obstacles that now protect the sphere. Magic, though corrupt, is harnessed to fight off strange beasts of evil that once again walk this land. Once inside Sanctum, representatives of each race face the secrets of the ages that once undone will change their lives forever.

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Author's Note:

I am forced to admit that Delver Magic - Book 1: Sanctum's Breach is not the most original of fantasy novels. I certainly fell back upon some standards as I wrote it. It is the basic quest story where the main characters must overcome obstacles and mistrust of one another to obtain their goal in destroying a powerful magical artifact. The races include humans, elves, and dwarves and each must learn to work together to save the land. There are characters of both good and evil, ones that are inspired by honor and duty and others that are enticed by the temptation of great power. I would be fooling only myself if I tried to state that certain aspects of the story here had not been done before, or that a reader looking for a totally new fantasy world would be captivated by the freshness of this novel.

I do, however, believe that there are readers that might find comfort in familiar surroundings, thus it is not necessarily a terrible idea to include recognizable races. There are characters in Sanctum's Breach that are worth following, to see how they react to such things as the reintroduction of magic into their world. While the book might lack a bold initiative to create an entirely unique universe; there are individuals, events, places, viewpoints, and experiences within this story that are not simply rehashes of other fantasy tales.

I am hoping not to make excuses or apologies here, but to be honest with myself and any potential reader. I enjoyed writing this novel and I hope there are some that will enjoy reading it. Thank you for your interest in my work.

If you do enjoy Delver Magic: Sanctum's Breach, please let me know. I appreciate hearing from those who take an interest in my work. Thank you for your time. I know there are countless eBook offers out there. I am grateful you have made the effort to review this site.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

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